Friday, September 23, 2005

Another glorious Japanese public holiday

Autumnal Equinox = no work on Friday. Yay!

Headed to Kakogawa for a BBQ. A real barbeque on a real field of grass by the Kakogawa River. Lisa had organised a BBQ for Jamie, an ex-JET who is leaving Kakogawa hood to live it up in big, bad Osaka. We met up at the station which was being rocked by Lisa's 2nd year b-boy students. They were so good and the dude in the black top, daaaamn was he fit! He was lifting himself up horizontally with one hand! and they so kindly posed for a photo too.

Lisa the Mexican dip queen - Too tasty!

And her Thai green curry chicken with Chris' potato salad above

(which he made with potatoes & peas from his garden!!! So impressed.)

Chris BBQ-ing his yakiniku

Youseke & Tomo slaving over the BBQ all day

Me to Katie - "So how do you know Tomo?"

Katie - "Oh we kinda inherited him from our predecessor"

Me (in Lisa's "Yaanki" cap) BBQ-ing my sweet chilli chicken wings

Katie, Ryan & Ben break out Lisa's awesome K-mart plastic cricket set


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