Saturday, August 06, 2005

"Where have I been lately?"

Home, sweet home. That's where.

As much as I love Japan, my theory is that you can only do Japan in 5-6 month intervals before you start going loopy and little things start getting on your nerves. Living, working, breathing 24 hours in this crazy country slowly starts taking its toll. It's a well known fact that all the 3rd year JETs start going crazy *no offence guys - haha* I think you need to either return home or just travel out of the country to refresh yourself and get some sort of normality before you start on another 5-6 month stretch.

As much as I want to go travel around Japan, I've also been itching to go home. I want to see Brendon, my family, catch up with friends, see and hold my new nephew, drive on wide roads, breathe fresh air, eat as much lamb as I possibly can and just relax and have a stress-free holiday. Things have changed, people have changed.

Be warned Perthites. There's something in the water - don't drink the water! Since I've been away, 5 good mates of mine got engaged! 2 weddings are scheduled for this year and 3 more next year. eeks! And it's not just my mates, other Perth JETs are reporting that their mates are getting hitched too.

I was so excited to go home and leave the hot humidity that is Japan's Summer. For once I was actually looking forward to Perth's Winter.

In the lead up to leaving I was busy buying omiyage and presents. I had spent ages cleaning my apartment, kitchen, bathroom and eating out my fridge. I even went out to dinner with my principal and some teachers.

Rendezvous in Singapore
I had to transit in Singapore for 8 hours! If it wasn't Changi Airport, then I would have been worried. But with loads of duty free shopping and options like free movies, hotel, shower, gym and pool facilities, I wasn't complaining. I got my nails done and did some shopping (4 pairs of shoes from Charles & Keith - so cheap!!) then met up with Chris and headed to Tampines for dinner. Laksa and Ice Kachang - YUM!!! I was thinking of you Rui.

Right now it's the month of the hungry souls/spirits/ghosts, where people burn paper money and incense for their deceased relatives. Singapore was just as hot and humid like Japan but with the faint smell of incense and ash lingering in the thick, night air. Then we met up with Adrian - International man of mystery, who I haven't seen in ages.

Thanks for meeting up with me and making my transit so much more fun. It was so good to catch up with you both - I really appreciate it!


At 8:45 am, Anonymous Q said...

I agree don't drink the Perth water, its been infiltrated with the *wedding bug*. B and I are staying well away from it! haha


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