Saturday, August 20, 2005

Second helpings

Brendon's Mum bought some Brumby's (it's a bakery for all my non-Australian friends) lamingtons. Yummy! They were so big! Huge I tell you! So fresh and soft with the chocolate still gooey. Washed down with a hot chocolate - perfect.

Went to the Old Swan Brewery again for dinner, this time with Kean and Sharon. It's so good to dine with other people who love and appreciate good food, wine (damn you, sickness!), dessert and company as much as you do. We were so impressed with the desserts!

My king snapper
The vanilla bean panacotta with red wine pears and the apple rhubarb pie.
The delectable chocolate fondant hadn't come out yet.
Then we headed to the Atrium Cocktail Lounge at Burswood for drinks. The piano singer chick was really good. I thought that Perth's Winter was going to be laughable seeing that I already survived Japan's Winter with uninsulated housing. However it came around and bit me on the arse and I caught the dreaded flu-bug that was going around. So it was lemon, lime & bitters for me.
Both sick and tired
Yen, Sue Yen & Bonnie
Brendon, Winston, Janlyk & Michael
Kean & Sharon

Dolly, Pete, Nik & me

Belinda, me & Frances


At 12:44 am, Blogger Paul said...

Omigod. So many pictures of food. My brain is on overload.

At 10:07 am, Anonymous Q said...

What an eating machine! You do us proud Chris-e :)

It looks like *home* what was you really needed. There's nothing like being surrounded by friends and family, eating your mum's cooking, Perth sunshine and cuddles from a love one.

I wish I could have spent more time with you love, can't wait to hear more from you in Japan.


At 9:57 pm, Blogger Christine said...

Paul - mate surely you must have some good food over there?! SHOW ME!! That's a cooking challenge right there ;)

Q - You said it babe. It was absolute bliss but now this eating maching is paying the consequences =( "fit jeans, damn you!" haha
It was so good to see you too, I'm glad the window of opportunity was open, even just for a little bit.
Miss you lots!


At 3:38 pm, Anonymous hidi said...

*sob* you are so far far far away nowwwwwww
anyways, still feeling bad for not showing up in that particular sunday (the last sunday that you were in perth), was down with a mega flu. Feeling better now because I've passed it to someone else, bwahahaha.
and if the natalie was the one we kinda talked about during dinner - i think i've met her before! bwahahahaha. such a small world.
you take care over there, and maybe i will grab my good ol' lonely planet jap book and come to visit you someday! *hugs*
p.s. such a nice day in perth today :)


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