Saturday, August 13, 2005

Night out

Even though we've been out clubbing in Japan, Rui wanted to go to Metros in Northbridge to feel that sense of familiarity again. Somewhere we used to go to, somewhere we were used to (that's not a good thing), somewhere a part of our life before Japan.

So we braved the surprisingly cold and windy weather and headed out. Due to the crappy weather and the flu-bug going around many people bailed, but the handful of us that did go had a great night out regardless.

Saturday nights are now called "$elebrity" RnB nights with the same kind of music as before, but with a sprinkling of old skool classics. It was good to see a few familiar faces and catch up (as much as you can have a conversation in a club) with some them, especially Jessica working in the cloakroom.

We had drinks, shots, shakers and Rui even convinced me to have tequila (nasty stuff which still brings back bad, hazy memories just from the smell of it). As soon as we "licked", our faces were puzzled. The bar chick had given us sugar instead of salt! *smacks hand against forehead* We continued to "sip & suck" then hit the dancefloor.

Pam - your 'running man' in stilettos was GOLD! Man I wish I had caught it on camera. Now that's talent! As quoted by Christina, "I'm a big fan of stupidity." Thanks for coming out and making it such a great night.

Brendon & me
Rui & Joel

Me, Pam, Rui & Sue Yen

Christina arrives just in time for the shaker

Ron, Brendon, Joel & Thomas

Tequilla with the lemon and sugar

For the Japan fans

Steve, me & Stuart

Thanks for the great night guys! xox


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