Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Last moments

I love getting snail mail.

Although it's so super convenient with the internet and emails, it doesn't compare to the feeling you get when you receive a letter (a real letter! not bills) in your letterbox. I used to write a lot when I was younger and had pen-pals in other countries. So waiting for the postie to deliver the mail and seeing, holding a real envelope with your name handwritten on the front was the greatest feeling ever.

My 2nd years holiday assignment was to write a letter and send it to me in Australia. So when my letterbox filled up with colourful, sticker-clad envelopes addressed to 'Ms Christine Cheng' with Japanese stamps, I felt like an 11 year old again. However this meant I had to reply to 45 or so letters and post them an Australian postcard each.

My favourite quotes from the letters (as they were written):
"Are there falling snow in Australia? Please attentively walk!!"
"A cry of a cicada is noisy in the Japanese summer."
"Do you zeal thing now? I zeal 'high school baseball' now."
"I'm very sprits. Does Chris Sprith?"
"I like ice cream very much. But eating habits is very properly I want."
"Japan is a cicada's twitter very annoying. I am a dislike it."
"Japan is hot and everyday is the state of the steambath."
"Dear Miss Chris! How are you?...Me? (chuckle). I fine thank you!"

My last two days in Perth were more relaxed and just spending as much time with Brendon as possible. We had JoJo's pizza takeaway while watching CSI, went shopping, had coffee and Donut King donuts and played with my nephews.

While I was packing, Callum was looking through my bag and found my toothbrush...so ofcourse he decided to brush his teeth with my toothbrush! From the look on my face, my sister laughed and quickly took it away "Callum! You're freaking out Aunty Christine!" Callum just giggled cheekily. I couldn't help but laugh either. It was too innocent, too funny. I love playing with kids but once they start drooling on me or smelling funky, then I'll just politely pass them back to their rightful owners.

One lunchtime Mum had made noodles and Callum pointed to the jar of chillis ad said, "Mummy likes chillis."
So I asked, "Callum, do you like chillis?"
"No. Chillis. Too tasty. Tooooo tasty!" hahaha

My last dinner was with Brendon, my brother, sister-in-law, my sister, brother-in-law and the kids. Both my parents had previous engagements. We went to the Bridge again and although the food was great, I didn't have my usual ravenous appetite. I think something in me clicked and I realised that my holiday was over. Anxiety took over.

We went home, finalised my suitcase and unlike other times before my flight, I had about one whole hour to just chill out at home with Brendon. We just talked and basked in each other's company, in silence and in saying the things that we never get to say to each other when we're at the airport.

I said goodbye to my Dad and left for the airport. My Mum, aunt, Rui and Joel met me at the airport. I didn't want anyone to see me off at the airport this time because they'd see what a big sook I've become. The ride there in the car with Brendon was bittersweet. I was doing good until I hugged Rui goodbye. I don't understand how little tear ducts can pour rivers. It just hit me that this time she wasn't coming with me. This time she won't be in the same country to call up and talk to and laugh about all the random Japanese experiences we've encountered.

Walking through the gates the questions came flooding back, "What are you doing?" "Why are you doing this?" "What have you done?" "Is this what you really want?"
Hugging Brendon, walking through the gate, then turning back to wave goodbye, then turning back was the exact moment my heart made it's way up to my throat.


At 3:49 pm, Blogger cat said...

Hey Christine,

I'm not sure if you remember me (Cat ie Loreen's Cat.. and I hope Loreen only has one Cat!) but I wanted to say your entry brought tears to my eyes! Maybe I'm over emotional today but... sweet. Very very sweet. I'm glad you had a good time in Perth, and sadly all good times come to an end.

Take care over in Japan!!

At 9:47 pm, Blogger Christine said...

Hey Cat!
Yes ofcourse I remember you. Thanks for dropping by. Hope things in Sydney are going well. Yeah LDRs suck but what to do?
Take care and nice pic - you look HOT as! ;)


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