Thursday, August 11, 2005

Ladies and Gentlemen..start your stomachs!

Headed to Subiaco for dinner one night and just had to order the lamb, although I should just stick to Mum's grilled lambchops. They're the best.

The food was good and the dessert, even better. The decore and atmosphere was really nice yet still cosy, perfect for catching up with friends. Also bumped into Germaine who was working there.

I've been craving for lamb since you can't really buy it in Japan, well not easily anways. I've had it a few times at restuarants but have never seen it at the butchers or supermarkets. Once when I was asking some teachers where I could get lamb in Japan, they said there were plenty on Mt. Rokko. After awhile, after my initial excitement, they had to clarify that you could SEE live lamb on Mt. Rokko but they didn't think you could eat it. I think they were talking about wild lamb or farms?

Also caught up with Shaw for coffee before she headed around Australia for the third series of Surfing the Menu - so proud of you and happy that you're doing so well!

Sarah & me

Hit Fremantle on Wednesday for Cicerello's fish & chips. Totemo tasty.

Headed back to Freo on Thursday for Joe's Fish Shack fish & chips with Claire (who's back for good) and Lisa (on holiday and also tourguide for her Japanese teachers & students). Then drinks at The Sail & Anchor basking in the sun on the balcony. It was surreal meeting up with them back in Perth but as always, great fun. Will miss you Claire - take care. Lisa - see you back in Japan for Round 2.

Cheesing it up in Freo...

... Japanese style

Claire's new wheels...classic

And I though Japan was random. It was a stretch too.

Rui Hsian also arrived back from Japan, this time for good. Met up with her and Joel for late night shopping at Garden City. So good to go shopping with familiarity, knowing where to buy what and what to expect. However this trip was quite disappointing as I didn't buy much at all. 5 hours at Habourtown (thanks Brendon) resulted in 2 tops and loads of Aussie omiyage to bring back eg. chocolate coated macadamia nuts, stuffed toys, postcards and nougat.


At 12:33 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, it's kinda weird seeing pics of you girls back in Perth.. and thanks for making me realize how much I do miss the food haha!! (Bron)

At 9:50 pm, Blogger Christine said...

Hey Bron!
Yeah it was surreal being back home hanging out with people that I only got to know whilst in Japan. I could go on about the food! haha but I won't, but it was so good! Don't get me wrong, I still love my 7-11 conbini onigiris =P
Hope to see you soon!

At 10:01 pm, Blogger jordan said...

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