Friday, August 19, 2005

Food Appointments

Had lunch with Danielle at C15, the old Dome in Applecross. It's very nice now complete with a lovely water feature, good variety of food, delicious selection of cakes and bar. It was great to see you and catch up babe. Can't believe you tried out the shirukens on a cardboard box?! haha William Shakespeare - all the way.

Then had coffee there with Natalie. Thanks for scoring the freebie Baci's with our cakes, you little charmer you! haha

Also had tapas there with Sarah and Oonagh. It was great to see you girls - Arigato! I've been to that place about 4 times since I was back. It's really good, go check it out.

Brendon and I met up with Felicia, Sarah and Brendan for dinner. Went to Terazza because Il Ciao doesn't take reservations and it was too packed and we were too hungry. Felicia - all the best for the PHD, not long to go now doc. Sar - you can check out my teeth next time I'm back haha

Had dinner at The Bridge with some Church friends. Benny and the gang always make it a great experience there.

Headed to Siena's in Mt. Lawley for pizza (and really good cake!) with some of the boys and Dolly.

Peter, Nik & Brendon

Luke, Peter, Kean & Dolly

Met up with some of the gang for coffee at Gino's in Freo. My nipple gummy lollies and Karma Sutra rice crackers went down a treat.

Yen, Mike, Belinda & Sue Yen

Sue Yen, me & Rui

Brendon, Winston, Joel & Poe

Me with nipple lollie eyes and Rui the koala

Photo with the kids:

Mum, Callum (aka Nelly with the Wiggles bandaid), me & Sean


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