Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Christine VS Japan - Round 2

I was lucky that on both flights (Perth to Singapore & Singapore to Osaka) I was in a row of empty seats. Good thing too because I was a wreck. You'd think that after each time it would get easier. But it doesn't, it gets harder. It gets worse.

I didn't have the appetite to eat anything so I tried as best as I could to lie down and sleep across 3 seats.

It's taking me a lot longer than I expected to get back into my life in Japan. I guess culture shock does exist and perhaps that's what I felt. When I was back home, although I was 'home', it didn't feel like it because I was in holiday mode and living out of a suitcase. My daily routine, my apartment, my life right now was in Japan. Yet now that I'm back in Japan, I know it's only temporary and I'm back in that sub-reality bubble.

Talking to other people, we've experienced how rude people are back home. Especially in the service industry. They really don't give a crap compared to the usual polite, obliging Japanese staff. But I guess that's like in any country. You get good apples. You get bad apples. However I was very impressed with the sales chick in Cue who was great. So those of you in Japan, don't take it for granted. You'll miss it once it's gone.

I was back at school the next day. We have our Open High School next week and I have to do 6 presentations about Australia. This is where junior high school kids come to school to see what high school is like. All my teachers were lovely and asked me about my trip, my family and Brendon. It really helps that my teachers are such wonderful people who look out for me.

My neighbours have also been great and supportive. Not to forget the friends I've made in Japan (JET and non-JET). So that's what I think is the cure to settling back into Japan. Going out and surrounding yourself with wonderful people (that and some retail therapy).


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