Saturday, July 30, 2005

Saturday in Sanners

With the countdown on, I headed into Sanners to buy presents for family and friends.

I met up with Cheryl and Claire and we headed to this random shop (sorry I forgot the name), kinda like a big shop that sold everything and anything. It had food, alcohol (really cheap mind you), shampoo & conditioner, branded goods, perfumes, toys, halloween costumes, stationery, electrical name it, they had it. Say, how about a school girl uniform? yep. Hmm and a karaoke dog that starts singing when you blow on it? yep. Inflatable bondage chair with hardcore S&M toys? yep, right next to the plush Winnie the Pooh cushions. I kid you not. We were dumbfounded at how easily accessible these were to little kids, especially right next to the innocent toy section! Shocking, amusing - sorry folks, no gifts from that place for yous.

We met up with Lisa and she took us to a Turkish Restaurant. The course set was very filling with a variety of dishes. Walking off dinner, we found The LockUp. I'd heard about this place but have never seen it before. It's a themed restaurant designed like a spooky cave with monsters and skeletons, where you get handcuffed and taken to your 'jail cell' room. The staff are dressed in black & white striped prisoner outfits, with some of the chicks in patent police uniforms complete with hat and knee high boots. There's scary music and sounds playing in the background and most importantly, the drinks are served in beakers, test tube sets and pipetes - just like high school chemisty.

Very interesting day, perhaps too much for one day.


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