Friday, July 01, 2005

Nepalese food

Went out for dinner with Kaz tonight.

He took me to this Nepalese restaurant in Sannomiya - very tasty! I think the best naan bread I've had since I've been here. It's very similar to Indian food and the restaurant had beautiful statues and paintings from Nepal. We then headed to Deli Cafe at JR Sanners Central gate for dessert.

It was pouring down with rain. Tsuyu (rainy season) has finally hit Japan and it's hot, humid, muggy and tiring. Not to mention how hard it is to do my laundry now.

It's interesting talking with Kaz because I am given insight into a working father with a a son who has just started studying law at university and a daughter who has moved away to Kyoto to study social work and is planning to get engaged and married within the next two years. His children have grown up and it's that time when he has to let them go. He often asks me about my relationship with my Dad and reminds me to stay in contact with my parents. He reminds me about the importance of family.


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