Monday, July 18, 2005

Marine Day

Today is a public holiday. The oceans are formally opened to be enjoyed by the public - so I've been told.

We slept in and had brunch at Doutor, then Rui headed home. Wowzers! 2 weekends with Rui - lucky me! Will miss having you in the country babe *sniff* but you'll be back - you know it! Stop checking out your students - at least mine are legal! haha

I did my washing and cleaning then napped under my air-con.

I headed to Motomachi for dinner with my teacher and her husband. Today is her birthday and we went to this lovely little Italian restaurant. She's actually studying Italian and soon heading to Italy for a language course over the Summer break. The food and dessert was delicious, and apparently the owner/head chef's hometown is close to the town my teacher will be staying at.

I had bought my teacher a bottle of wine (Australian ofcourse) and it was in a big, gold giftbox. We were meant to meet at the East exit but I forgot and headed to the West exit. Before I went through the ticket gates I was standing around looking for them, clearly looking like someone who was meant to meet someone there. Then this guy out of nowhere runs up from the other side of the ticket gate as if he's meant to meet me. He starts saying something to me in Japanese across the gates but I couldn't understand. When I give him this weird sorry-you've-got-the-wrong-person look, he keeps repeating himself as if he saying "***-san? Is that you? I'm the one you're meant to be meeting. It's me!"

Some nearby high school boys start laughing as I started backing away shaking my head going "chigau chigau sumimasen" (literal translation: wrong, wrong, excuse me/sorry). Then I busted a move, sprinted up the stairs with my boxed bottle of wine and got out the East Exit and met my teacher.

Japan just keeps on throwing crazy mofos at me.


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