Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Maiko Forum & Health checks

I had my 1st year presentation today.

It was pretty much like my other one at the beginning of the year with last year's 1st years. The title was "Life in Australia & Impressions of Japan", I swear I could work in the tourism industry becuase I was giving the hard sell about each state and going on about what a great place Australia is. I gave out Vegemite samples, Freddo Frogs and Caremello Koalas.

I also got my health test results back. It's all in Japanese so I got my teacher to explain it to me. Apparently I'm underweight and need to eat more! hahaha I find that hard to believe since I eat heaps in Japan. Not to mention eating my own cooking haha the food is so good here that I'm constantly eating, even in school. One day a student was talking to me at my desk and I opened up my drawer to get something out and she started laughing when she saw all my snackage - hai-chus, choco-balls, pocky, rice crackers, museli bars, cup noodles, miso soup packets, choco- chip cookies...I could go on but I won't.

Forgive me if I've already blogged about the school health checks here but I forget what I've blogged about and what I've just put down as a mental note.

Anyways I had my weight taken, height taken (damn! I thought I was 2 cms more than what I really am hahaha) blood pressure measured and eyes checked. Thank goodness I didn't have to give blood. The day before we were given a little squeezey eye dropper looking bottle and I was told it was for a urine sample. One look at the bottle and I was getting worried because as I said, it was a little squeezey eye dropper looking bottle. Then my teacher took out an origami paper cup from my envelope and said that you pee in the origami cup first then use the eye droppee bottle....riiiiight.


At 12:22 pm, Blogger pam said...

you had to pee in a origami cup??!! heehee forgive my ignorance.. when origami comes to mind i imagine a blue paper crane.. hehehee hope you didn't pee into a paper crane?


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