Friday, July 15, 2005

Long Weekend!

Tonight I headed to Harbourland to meet up with Lien and her mates for dinner.

Lien isn't re-contracting and soon after returning to Sydney, she's heading to London to work but not before dropping by the Greek Islands, France, Italy and the whole shibang. Lucky thing - will miss you girl!

Two of her mates from Sydney were visiting so we headed to the Brazilian buffet place at Mosaic. Very good food, especially all those meats! After we headed to Polo Dog for drinks then to Cafe47 (I think?) for their 1st anniversary party. It was still a tad quiet when we got there but we just sat, drank, took random photos and chilled upstairs on the comfy couches.

I had to leave early though because I had to pick up Rui from the train station - yep, Rui came down for the long weekend! Yay!

She had called me when I just got another drink so I had to down it and run to the heels! this horrible, hot, humid weather that is Japanese summer. Ofcouse I was all red and sweaty with sore feet and just my luck to bump into a student of mine. It was so cliche. The lights turned green and amidst all the people walking across the road, we both passed each other and then did a double-take and I instantly recognised her as a girl from the tea ceremony club. She has a part time job at an izakaya. How embarrassing! Rui said I was so red she didn't recognise me at first and I smelt like alcohol even though I only had 2 drinks. Good grief! What would my student have thought. haha I can only imagine the gossip that's going to get started back at school.


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