Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Knock Knock...

...Typhoon #7.

It seems typhoon number 7 of the year spun through Japan but it didn't really thrash Kobe as expected. However it brought much welcomed rain and cool winds. I didn't think I'd be so grateful for a typhoon but this summer heat and humidity is ever so draining.

Today I was invited out with some teachers for lunch. We went to this amazing Chinese restaurant at Maiko Villa, beautiful hotel overlooking the Akashi Bridge and ocean (where my school had the Welcome/Farwell party). Four of us sat on a big round banquet table with an amazing view of the Bridge and Awaji Island. Kendo master-sensei was treating me because of the English lessons I had been giving him.

The food was very tasty and impressively presented. We had a set lunch course of dim sum dumplings (they like to eat their dim sum with mustard! eeeks! I tried it but everything just tasted like a hot dog), scallops and chicken cold platter, prawns and eggplant, fried rice and dessert - I had the mango pudding and mini sweet potato pie - Yum! I was so excited.

That evening the Bakamono club went out into Sannomiya to an izakaya. It was the same place that I went to for my first ever Bakamono-kai and the night of the really crazy typhoon about 1 year ago. The one which nearly ripped apart my umbrella and that stopped most of the trains so we had to take the subway and one of the teacher's wife drove us home.

I only just found out that 2 of the teachers who managed to get to their train that night, ended up being stranded on the train till 3AM because the train had to stop mid-way because of the typhoon.

As with all bakamono-kai's, I really enjoy hanging out with those teachers in a relaxed environment. They are such a riot. Even though I have to concentrate really hard (that doesn't last very long with alcohol) to understand what they are saying, it's good practise for my Japanese conversation ability. They will try to speak English and interpret things for me but mostly I just sit back, soak up the atmosphere and enjoy their company.


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