Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Kai Jinja Natsu Matsuri

Last Monday (11th July) after school I headed to our local shrine - Kai Jinja (shrine to the god of the sea).

During summer (natsu) there are a lot of matsuris (festivals) held all around the country. Summer is the time to put on your yukata and enjoy the festivities and joys of meat-on-a-stick, kakigori (shaved ice with syrup), fishing games and watching fireworks.

The festival was for the god of the sea to bless the fishermen and their activities. The main feature of this festival was a giant wreath made out of some leaves (I will check later) which you walk through for good luck before throwing money into the box and ringing the bell.

I bumped into lots of my students, a lot of the girls looking very pretty in their yukatas. I ended up eating a lot of random stuff so I didn't need dinner afterall. I had yakitori, tamagosenbei (egg on a giant rice cracker with sauce), karaage (deep fried) chicken, pineapple-on-a-stick and a giant Qoo orange juice.

I also saw one of my neighbours with her little boy. He was dressed in a mini men's yukata and had won a toy turtle. I was too tired to stay for the fieworks but saw them anyway on my way home walking up the almighty hills of Tarumi.


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