Friday, July 29, 2005

Friday night festivities

Today I dropped by Claire's house after school.

It'll be my last time there with Claire in it. It was so clean and empty. Usually we always have a good chat and a few laughs over a cup of tea. But this time she was getting ready for her farewell party with her teachers and I was picking up some stuff (damn girl! how many books do you have?! hehe) to help lighten her load.

I headed to Sanners to meet up with Kaz. He took me to 'Aarti', a lovely little Indian restaurant with tasty food and thick, mango lassis. After dinner we had dessert and coffee at the Deli Cafe and this time I tried the Strawberry Pannacotta.

After saying goodbye to Kaz, I headed to Polo Dog for Sammy B's birthday. They had started up at an tabehoudai-nomihoudai izakaya and were winding down at Polo Dog. Congrats on getting black belt & Happy Birthday Judo-master!


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