Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Curry Party

I had my neighbours over for a 'Curry Party' tonight.

[Sidenote - Got word from Lisa that she got her foot checked out and she actually broke her foot! Eeeks! Poor thing. But very impressed coz all weekend she was hobbling along just fine and even got up and danced! hehe Hope it heals fast sweetie and you get that cast off before you fly back home.]

I made a chicken potato curry and beef (Tasmanian beef - oh yeah!) rendang. I made salad (Claire's idea of cucumbers, garlic and yoghurt), bak choy with oyster sauce, camenbert cheese with homebaked bread (Kendo master-sensei gave me some bread that his wife baked fresh that morning!) and had a Jacob's Creek Chardonay and a Wolf Blass red.

My neighbours brought over cheese and bread, roast beef salad, garlic olive oil prawns (incredibly tasty!) and the beers and chu-hai's.

Dessert was Dark and Double coated Tim Tams.

It was nice to have my neighbours over and just chill and chat. They've helped me so much and have really made my transition into life over here a whole lot easier and enjoyable. The kids were running around, yelling, laughing, fighting, playing with my fridge magnets and getting chocolate over my cream couch, but I didn't care. I missed the familiar sound of families.

I miss playing with my nephew and pushing him around the house in his stroller so he'd stop crying. I miss feeding him hot potato chips, ofcourse breaking them and blowing them on the inside first to cool them. I miss his 'breakdancing' moves on the cardboard sheets haha he cracks me up. I miss talking into the fan so it makes funny noises and hearing him giggle at how silly Aunty Christine is. But now he talks, my sister says he goes on and on like a running commentary haha and I doubt he'd remember who I am now. And I can't wait to see my newest nephew Sean and his wonky head.


At 2:56 am, Blogger Paul said...

Hi, I've been reading your blog for quite a while now, thought I'd leave a comment since I've always enjoyed your posts. Keep it up!

At 8:39 pm, Blogger Christine said...

Hey Paul
Thanks for the comment, drop by anytime!
domo arigatou


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