Sunday, July 31, 2005

Claire's last day

After elbow-greasing scrubbing my bathroom, cleaning and vacuuming, I met up with Cheryl and Claire in Sanners and we headed to the Kobe City Museum.

The exhibition was 'Masterpieces of the Museum Island, Berlin - Visions of the Divine in the Sanctuary of Art". It was very interesting and featured paintings, statues, limestone carvings and an Egyptian mummy case. The condition and detail of some of the works were simply amazing.

We went to the stand-up noodle bar for Claire's last tempura udon there. (But she will be back, we've been told).

I really appreciate how Claire made the effort to make us feel more at ease when we first came to Japan. Giving us advice, gardening enlightenment (maybe just me moreso), heat rash cream, useful pointers about where to buy things, recipes, her barbeques, healthly exercise schedules and other survival tips.

Thanks Claire! I'll miss our afterschool cuppas and chats (but not the 5 flights of stairs to your apartment). Will see you back home!


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