Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Student Shinanigans

My students are so cheeky!

We've been doing some fun classes playing games so the kids can practise their English. One game is the Body Parts game. Not only does it teach me the names of body parts in Japanese but the students brush up on their English. They have to stick the names of body parts on one student and we check it at the end. As you can see they look so cute.

We also played a Pictionary type game and one of the words was 'Harry Potter'. Some boys shouted out "Chris-sensei! Chris-sensei!" as the answer. So I went to look at the drawing the student did and it looked NOTHING like me. 1. I don't have short hair and 2. I don't even wear glasses! They couldn't stop laughing - so cheeky!

I also have been doing Self Introduction speeches with my 2nd years and we've discovered that we have a lot of baseball boys in our OC class. They're so funny and they really try so hard.

Two girls also said that they wanted to marry a foreigner in the future. One goes, "I want to marry a foreigner. A good guy. This is very important for me." My teacher and I had to hold in our laughter.


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