Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Finding Nemo

I found Nemo-san!!!

If you remember, one of my 1st year students last year really reminded me of Nemo. He was so cute! *kawaii* He had a round, shaved head, big Nemo-eyes and was quite little compared to the other boys. He had a cute Nemo-smile and was a really good student.

This new year, he isn't in my 2nd year OC class and I hadn't seen him around anywhere so I thought maybe he changed schools. But today as I was walking back from my 2nd year OC class on the 2nd year level, I found him! I was so excited!

Even Brendon and Sue Yen agree with me that he looks like Nemo. I wish I could take a photo of him so you can see how cute and Nemo-like he is but I don't think that's very appropriate for a teacher. hahaha


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