Monday, June 27, 2005

Feels like Friday

It's Monday but it so feels like Friday.

Why? Well what better way to end a Monday at work than to go out for dinner with friends then get naked and jump into an onsen together. Sure it seems strange but now that I'm in Japan and have fallen in love with onsens - it's no biggie anymore.

After school I met up with Cheryl and Claire (who had just got back from the World Expo in Aichi the night before!) at Akashi station. It was good to bump into Clay at Starbucks while I was waiting, haven't seen him since our January ski trip.

We headed to the Okonomiyaki dojo and were so lazy that we let the helpful worker ladies cook our okonomiyaki for us. After that we headed to "Tatsu no Yu" (Onsen of the Dragon) which overlooks the ocean and Akashi Bridge. It was a hillarious adventure with Claire dinking me on her bike, me sitting on the seat with my skirt hiked up to my knees, dodging traffic and Cheryl laughing at us from behind on her bike.

The onsen was aweseome. It had hot indoor baths and a variety of outdoor open air baths too. They also had the electric bath (hot bath that apparently shoots out electric shocks good for the heart - electricity and water? what the?!) the cold bath - eeks! sauna, jet bath (like a jacuzzi), scented baths and these stone pots with running hot water from bamboo taps that you just sit and soak in (feet and arms in or out). I felt like I was being boiled for some cannibal soup. They also had deck chairs where you can just laze around and moonbake. Would be perfect during the day if you wanted to tan without getting tan lines.

The place also had a restaurant and vending machines with flavoured milk and juices. Claire headed home but Cheryl and I headed to Mister Donuts (no indulgent night would be complete without it) and watched people set fireworks off at a nearby park.

It was so good to come home and not have to worry about anything. I was fed, washed and clean and ready for bed.


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