Sunday, June 19, 2005

Fathers' Day

Happy Fathers' Day! (well in Japan anyways)

It's actually my Dad's 60th birthday and he celebrated with a big dinner party in his true random form with live band, dancing, surprise lion dance and 250 of his mates. I really wanted to fly back for him but since I'm already going back in August, my bank account didn't really allow for it.

Claire had her final BBQ at her place today. I was so excited to eat BBQ-ed food I decided to get organised this time and bring some marinated (garlic & sweet chilli) chicken wings - yum! Having a BBQ on the 5th floor of an apartment building on a tiny little balcony is just hilarious! Being eager to start BBQ-ing I volunteered to start it up and managed to get covered in charcoal. After going through 2 match boxes, Claire decided that we just throw some kero on and light it up. Worked a treat!

Stuan brought these wasabi rice crackers which were lethal. There wasn't a dry eye in the room and I couldn't believe how Struan was chowing them down. However Chris' chilli chocoalates from Korea were surprisingly quite tasty.

After Claire's I raced back home, (there's never a bus or taxi when you need one!) and headed to Sanners for dinner with one of my teachers to meet his daughter. She is my age and used to work in Mexico something to do with whale-watching. She studied something like marine biology I think. I also met 2 of her friends and their sensei who travels around the world researching marine life. He had these amazing photos of whales off the coast of Mexico (he even gave me a photo straight from his albulm of a humpback whale and a drooling, dozing sea lion) and for all you Perthites, he also visits Albany too for whale watching! Sugoi!

We had dinner at Hikari so I was able to catch up with Masa and Shuhei. News was that Shuhei got married only 2 months ago! Omedetou!


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