Thursday, June 30, 2005

English lessons

Since my school has a special environment protection and disaster management programme, they have a student exchange to Nepal where they discuss and learn how they handle earthquakes and emergency procedures.

One of the main teachers who runs the programme used to be an English teacher and he usually goes with the exchange group. But this year, he's busy with something else so its vice principal (doesn't know much English) and Geography/World History teacher and Kendo master who will be going. Geography/World History teacher and Kendo master went to Nepal last year and had the main English teacher to help him out. But now he's in charge of this year's group of 10 students and vice principal because his English is slightly better...and he's freaking. hehe

He asked me to have English conversation lessons with him if I was free because he is very nervous about his English ability. His words exactly..
"I am very nervous...anxious. In charge of 10 students and vice principal. Vice principal can't speak English. If anything goes wrong..*slices his hand across his neck* parents will be angry." hahaha he's so funny.

So now I'm having classes with him about once a week. I go through vocabulary with him such as hotel reservations, boarding a plane etc. Just last week the good news came that since they now have to transit in Thailand for one day and vice principal was getting nervous too, they have hired a translator to join them for the trip *phew* I think I was starting to get worried.

We still have our English lessons but this week he taught me some basic Kendo moves in English with the help of our dictionaries. He has been playing Kendo since he was in Junion High School and now is a level 7 rank - which is hardcore.


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