Monday, June 20, 2005

Dinner at Claire's

After school today I headed to Claire's for dinner.

Cheryl had just finished her exam that afternoon so we decided to have a nice, relaxing evening. I really admire Claire and Cheryl who are both doing correspondence post-grad studies while they're over here. I, on the otherhand find it hard enough to get all my washing, cleaning, grocery shopping and ironing done on time. hahah tragic, I know!

Claire made a delicious curry, I made some lamingtons and Cheryl picked up a Cafe Latte Vienetta - yummo! Washed down with a Canadian white wine and a cup of tea, it was a nice, relaxing evening - perfect.

The real adventure started heading home. Claire's apartment blocks has really good bulk rubbish. In that I mean that people throw out some really useful stuff that us JETs need to furnish our apartments, eg. tables, desks, chairs, bookshelves. One time during their early morning walks (in which I have now given up on since I'm slack and value sleep more than exercise) Cheryl scored this wire shelf/rack thing and some teacups, and Claire scored this gorgeous but huge glass box with a complete musical doll set from Girl's Day and a samurai armour suit display thing from Boy's Day. Long story short, they carried all these up to the 5th floor of Claire's apartment and now we were going to transport the wire shelf/rack thing back to Cheryl's place. Imagine 3 gaijin balancing this huge wired shelf/rack on a bike pushing it up and down hills to get to Cheryl's - it was a real work out but hilarious nonetheless.


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