Saturday, June 11, 2005

Chris & Jeff hit Himeji

After my school's festival I headed to Himeji for Chris and Jeff's birthday.

The plan was to start at the most classiest place then work our ways down from there. However when we got to our first destination, it was too small to accommodate a whole group of gaijin party-goers. Getting thirsty and with beer vending machines offering a limited choice, we headed straight to Tiger Bar.

After some fish and chips, dita & pines and random music, I had to pike because of our last train. It was a nice chill out night and good to catch up with others.

Happy Birthday Chris! Happy Birthday Jeff! Hope you enjoiy the Tim Tams.

When we got home the night was ever so slightly young. At this time of night there wouldn't be any students around (we hoped!) so Cheryl showed us her latest discovery around where we live...the porn vending machine. Yep, finally we've found one - right in our own little neighbourhood!

Operation Green Box was to locate the machine and take photographic evidence. It's surprising how close it's located to Cheryl's school, even closer is a cigarette vending machine and even closer, a beer vending machine! Then again, welcome to Japan.


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