Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Off to Yokohama.

Yokohama is really nice, especially it's Chinatown. I really liked the area, it's a port city like Kobe, maybe that's why.

Chinatown was packed as! We had massive, tasty nikumans (pows/steamed pork buns) and not-so-tasty bubble tea. Rui and I drooled at the roast pork and duck hanging from hooks, dripping with oil in the shop windows.

I wanted to eat at a restaurant of a famous chef who had competed on that show "Iron Chef", but being Golden Week, the streets were crowded, the restaurants were full and the lines were unbelievably long! There were quite a few restaurants which displayed photos of their chefs competing on the show, or perhaps they were THE iron chefs!!! Classic!

We decided to head to Hard Rock Cafe for some apple pie and shopped some more. We headed home and met up with Bonnie, a friend of Rui's who was also staying for Golden Week. We had dinner at this really cool izakaya near Rui's place. The staff and cooks were all really young and the food and atmosphere was perfect.


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