Saturday, May 14, 2005

Seiryo High School's Festival

Today Cheryl and I headed to Claire's annual school festival.

I think all schools have an annual festival where the students present their works, organise and run games, booths, food stalls and so on.

It was really fun and I can't wait for my school's festival this June. Being in the tea ceremony club, we get to wear yukatas (summer kimono - a lot lighter and usually made out of cotton) and serve tea.

Claire look gorgeous in her red yukata (yay! can't wait to buy mine) and had an Australian-themed room set up with her ESS club. Very impressive! I was also very impressed by the room that was turned into a haunted house complete with screaming and red paint splattered on tatami blinds, and the acoustic live stage room set up like a jazz lounge with black plastic over the walls and windows to make it dark, coloured cellophane over the lights and tables and chairs set up like a cafe. The kids were very talented.

We had okonomiyaki on a stick, fairy floss, chocolate donut balls, popcorn and the dregs of the karaage chicken - they ran out just as we got to the front of the line.

The highlight would have definately been when we saw our own students there and they recognised us. After the screams of "hello! hello! I'm fine thank you, and you?", shouts of "hey CHRIS!!" and giggles died down, it was really fun to chat to them outside of school.

One of my 2nd year boys even broke off a piece of his red bean pancake thing he was eating and offered it to me. So cute. I could hardly recognise some of my girls as they weren't in school uniform. They looked hot and a lot older than their age. But still so cute when in their broken English they were asking why I was there, who I had come with and that they were there with their friends to scout out the boys. hahaha classic.


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