Friday, May 27, 2005

My kids

My kids crack me up so much.

Sure some don't do any work, some sleep, some talk too much but they all make my time here enjoyable.

Just the other day in class my 2nd year boys asked me about Brendon. I still crack up when I think about the first day when Brendon was helping me teach their class, as soon as he walked in the class erupted in giggles, swooning and "Dare?? Heeee?!" ("Who is that?").

When my teacher said "That's Chris' friend from Australia" the boys shouted out "John?! John-san!! Peter?!" hahahaha those are the most popular male names used in their English textbooks, just like Tanaka-kun and Sachiko-san were used in my Japanese textbooks.

After cacking myself I said "No, his name is Brendon." To which they replied, "Bren-don?" Aahh Bren-JOHN!!" and decided to call him Bren-John all throughout class.

Cheeky little buggers.


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