Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Last day in Tokyo

Our plans to see the "Vincent van Gogh - In context" exhibition at the Tokyo National Museum of Modern Art quickly disappeared as we arrived and saw the long line of people waiting, in the sun, for the estimated 70 minute wait before entering the gallery. Bugger that!

Luckily I think the exhibition will be coming to Osaka so I can try again.

Instead we headed to the Imperial gardens that surround the palace and had a look around. Soon we found ourselves in Shibuya once again hitting the stores. Those 109 buildings are crazy! Floor after floor after floor of shops.

Afterwards we headed to Roppongi - gaijin central. Didn't get to explore it much, but got a nice view of Tokyo Tower, smaller version of the Eifel Tower, and settled our craving for mexican at a restaurant called La Fiesta.


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