Friday, May 13, 2005

Keeping busy

This week has been pretty busy.

Everyone else I've spoken to seems to be mega busy too. Guess it's just that time of the year again.

Bumped into Claire on the way home from school one evening and since we had both stayed late and couldn't be arsed cooking dinner, we headed to our local family restaurant, Coco's. It was my first time there and we had a pretty decent meal. Twin pasta special with cheesecake and drink bar!

We were also given a stack of discount drink bar vouchers to use next time but ended up giving most of them to a group of Claire's students that had just entered the restaurant as we were leaving. Down the road we also bumped into two other students and asked them if they were going to Coco's, when they said 'yes' we handed them some drink vouchers too and they replied 'Thank you".

It was only till they walked off that Claire said "I thought they were my students, but they weren't" and they were definately not my students. So they must have thought it was pretty random to be approached by two gaijin offering drink bar vouchers. They were probably Cheryl's students.

Also twice this week, Kendo-sensei came to my desk in the morning and after a cheery "Ohayogozaimasu" presented me with a foil wrapped present. The first one was 2 slices of home-made pizza which his wife had made that morning. Lucky me also forgot to bring lunch that day. It was super tasty. Home-made always is. The second time was 3 slices of home-made wholemeal bread which his wife had also made that morning. Yum!

On Friday night I met up with Claire and we headed to a ramen joint that's just opened up near us. We had miso ramen, their 'specialty ramen', kim chee and gyoza. It was so good and really cheap too. I think we've found a new hangout, despite it being quite popular with our students.


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