Saturday, May 28, 2005

Foreign Food

Today I finally made it to the Kobe City Grocers.

They have such a great range of foreign foods. Tim Tams, cheeses, curry pastes, sauces, cereals and all those familiar things I've come to appreciate more.

Today was Natalie's birthday (2nd year Aussie JET) and a group of us headed to an Indian restaurant for dinner. I forgot the name of the place but the servings were awesome. Both in size and taste factor.

Then we headed to Polo Dog - haven't been to that place for a while now but it's always got such a good, laid back vibe. They had a live duo called 'High Performance Things' on guitars. The chick singing had such a powerful voice and rocked 'Ironic', 'Time after time' and 'Sweet child of mine' in her own kind of style.


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