Monday, May 23, 2005


The Bakamono club strikes again.

This evening we met up again in Sanners and headed to this 60/70's decorated izakaya, funnily enough named 'Modern Gourmet'.

It was mainly to get to know some of the new teachers, and as always the food and drinks kept coming out all night.

The hardcores continued on to a karaoke joint but I decided to go home oh-so-tired and stuffed. They really are the young club. Compared to them I'm the obaa-san!


At 6:28 pm, Blogger seadrop said...

hi chris!
few questions lol
1. were you drunk in the first few pictures? (you so looked drunk :D)
2. why japs like to have the v sign when they take pics?
3. when are you coming back?

miss you heaps! *hugz*
and exam coming up *pout*


At 4:51 pm, Blogger Christine said...

hey hidi =D
nice to hear from you!
1. haha NO!! I only have to have half a glass of anything alcoholic and I go red - good ol' asian genes.
2. you have to in Japan, it's a prerequsite. ;P
3. will be back in August for a 2 week holiday.
look forward to seeing you then and all the best for your exams!
love Christine xox

At 1:04 am, Anonymous Michelle said...

Obaasan! ogenkidesuka? Joking!

Hellooo you party animal you. Nice pictures! And the crazy Jap dude looks WICKED! Hey hey! I was wondering, do people actually cosplay out in the open in Japan?

HIDI leave her alone! You missed out on my 18th! I was erm...tipsy... BUT we sang the night away on singstar. LOL! Do they use that in Japan? Or just plain original Karoke, beating out the oldies? Hehehe...PEACE girl!



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