Thursday, April 28, 2005

Yay! Holidays!

Today the students went on their school excursions.

The 1st years went north of Hyogo to Kanabe for an overnight camp. The 2nd years went on a day trip to Kyoto - Arashiyama, and the 3rd years went on a day trip to Kyoto - but a different area.

Only the homeroom teachers were budgeted to go, so the rest of us teachers hung around school and enjoyed the silent hallways. I would have loved to go to Kyoto but I wasn't that fussed because after school I was jumping on a shinkansen (bullet train) and heading to Tokyo for Golden Week!!

Sue Yen headed to Tokyo via bullet train on Tuesday to met up with Rui Hsian. So now it was my turn to hit Tokyo.

Lazy-assed me left my packing to the last minute and I just made my train by 3 minutes!!!!

It was so good to see Rui Hsian AND Sue Yen together and hang out like old times and just speak english. We headed back to Saitama/Hasuda, went to an izakaya then headed back to Rui's.


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