Saturday, April 30, 2005

Hitting up Ginza (& the dodgy club)

We spent the day in Ginza ooohing and aaahing.

Ginza was one of the first areas to modernise in Japan, eg. Western-style brick buildings. The shopping district is famous with big brand names, lines of restaurants, cafes and other interesting little stores.

We shopped so much and ate so much, with the bags and bellies to prove it!

We had soba noodles for lunch, then Rui took us to this gorgeous cafe, complete with long waiting line to get in, for their specialty dessert Mont Blanc - a chestnut dessert. Although our coffees costed something ridiculous like 800 yen, the dessert was delicious, very sweet, but worth the experience.

We also headed to Club Pure that night. Located in Shibuya, it took us ages to find it, this club fairs pretty high on the dodgy/seedy scale. Rui's mate was already there so we decided to try it out. Lured by the all-you-can-drink and cheaper ladies price scheme, I just knew it was going to be an interesting night as soon as we were handed our plastic cups (pink for the girls, blue for the guys) and walked up the stairs greeted by a puddle of spew.

The music was okay, the drinks were okay but it was a typical gaijin club. We also met up with my conversation partner Yoshi who had recently moved to Tokyo for work. Despite the seediness and having to fend off the drunk and not-so-drunk randoms, I still had a good time because I was out with good mates. At one stage during the night I was picked up, literally, by this massive guy. In shock, it took me a while to register what was going on then I started laying punches into his arms but he was freakin' hugen that my punches were to no avail but cushioned in his fat. eeew. Then there was the case of this guy who thought we were Japanese and was trying to dance with us and impress us with his Japanese. By the end of the night, everyone's waist or ass got grabbed, even poor Yoshi's! haha

Since we got there quite late, time flew by and soon we were walking through the streets of Shibuya in the bright sunlight at 5 something in the morning. After piling into a purikura booth, we headed home and crashed.


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