Friday, April 29, 2005

Asakusa & Odaiba

It was so good to sleep in and start the morning chatting with good friends.

It was lunchtime by the time we actually headed out so Rui took us out for some yakiniku action. Basically like having hotplate or korean BBQ. It was so tasty, the highlight for me being able to order a coke spider aka coke float.

Then we headed to Asakusa to check out Senso-ji temple. It was really crowded but fun checking out all the little shops that sold trinkets, Japanese souvenirs, yukata, kimono and so much food!

Courtesy of my trusty Lonely Planet: During the Edo period, Asakusa was a halfway stop between the city and Yoshiwara, the imfamous pleasure district. However it soon became a pleasure quarter in its own right, famous for kabuki theatre. When Japan began to open up to the outside world beginning the Meiji Restoration, it was in Asakusa that the first cinemas and music halls were opened. Western opera was also first performed to Japanese audiences in Asakusa's Imperial Theatre. And just on the side, the striptease was also first introduced in Asakusa.

We also took the monorail to Odaiba, area of reclaimed land which houses Fuji Television Japan Broadcasting Centre, many fashionable shops, nice scenic views and Japan's very own Statue of Liberty. Random - yes. The Rainbow Bridge was quite a sight too but I still love Akashi Bridge with its rainbow colours at night, especially from my balcony.

We headed to an Izakaya for dinner then called it a day.


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