Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Spring Holidays

We had the school's closing ceremony today and that means it's Spring break.

The students have 2 weeks off and then they start their new school year.

I was invited to join the 3rd year teachers for another one of their secret lunches in the home economics room. We had udon noodles from Hokkaido, sushi, red bean and mochi (pounded rice cake) desserts and home ec-sensei made a chocolate cake. I was so full I just wanted to fall asleep at my desk.

The teachers also had a meeting to find out who would be staying, who would be moving schools and what role they would be in charge for the next school year. Before the meeting, you could really feel the anxiety in the staffroom. The tension was so thick, you could carve it, fry it up, serve it in a sesame bun and call it McStress Deluxe. But after the meeting, the staffroom was like a school yard with little groups of teachers whispering about the outcome.

I found out that one of the teachers I teach with will be leaving for 2 years to study psychology at university. I'm really going to miss team-teaching with her as her classes are the most hillarious. They're the ones where we end up laughing so much I have to hide behind the desk or face the blackboard pretending to write something so the kids can't see me losing it.

Yep, I'm going to miss that a lot.


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