Monday, March 14, 2005

My sister

My sister is amazing.

We used to draw pictures together with our crayolas, now we paint our nails together.
She would help me with my homework and she would eat my random cooking and baking.
I used to borrow her clothes, now she borrows mine.
We like eating KFC zinger burgers and chips together.
I like going shopping with her and pushing Callum in the stroller.
I remember how amused I was the first time Callum was running around calling her 'mummy.' Priceless. I still can't get over it!

When she told me she was going to get married - I laughed.
You? A wife?!
When she told me she was pregnant - I laughed even more.
You? A mum?!
When she told me Andrew had cancer - there was no laughter.
I could see the sadness in her face, but there was faith in her eyes.

So why is she amazing?
We went to the same schools, studied similiar subjects and even went to the same university. During that time we were never given classes about getting married, being taught how to be a mother, lectured about raising children or how to help run a family. But somehow she got married, had a beautiful (and very cheeky) boy, helped her husband recover from cancer and now has given birth to another gorgeous baby boy!
Personally, I think that's freakin' amazing!

Congratulations you guys! Yay! It's a boy!
Well we all knew it was going to be a boy but I still couldn't contain myself when I got the phone email while hiking up a mountain!

Baby #2 popped out on Friday March 11th.
Enter baby Sean.
Apparently his eyes are dark blue at the moment (Callum's were bright blue) and he arrived with "..a killer armani hairstyle, complete with chocolate brown highlights." hahaha classic!

When I stood next to her as she said her vows on her wedding day, I didn't think I could be any more happier for her (that and also the joys of waterproof mascara). But I was, when she had Callum. Then again, when she told me that Andrew would be okay. And now I am again, upon hearing that through all the ups and downs they've been through together - they've been blessed with another healthy baby boy - a gift of love and grace.

I can't wait to see Sean and hold him.
I can't wait to play with Callum again and hear him make sentences.
I can't wait to get the latest 'goss' from Andrew.
I can't wait to go out shopping, eat KFC, do our nails and chat together again.

Blessed and ever so thankful


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