Thursday, March 24, 2005

My high-tech Japan

Yes, Japan is a very high-tech country.

A place of automatic toilet flush detectors and seat warmers, musical rice cookers and washing machines, the wonders of satellite navigation and a whole lot more. Sometimes a little too high-tech but still mind-boggling amazing.

However I do have a few items in my apartment which I can't help but laught at.

I have a microwave...well kind of. I'm thankful that I have one at all but it's a shocker! I swear it must have been one of the first microwave models to have been released. It looks like a mini oven and the inside plate doesn't rotate but all it has it a timer dial and bascially an 'ON' button. I don't know how much radiation it would spew out but just have a look for yourself.

I also have a stereo which is great. Nothing over the top fancy-shmancy, just a decent CD player and tape deck with good sound. But when I first saw the remote control I was thinking,
"Are you serious?"
With all the technology in this country I would at least expect it to offer more than 4 functions.

As I said before, all I can do it laugh.


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