Monday, March 28, 2005

Case of the missing umbrella(s)

If I were to have a conversation with Spring, it'll go something like this;

"Hello? Umm Spring? Where have you been? You were meant to show but you didn't. Pretty disappointing effort. Do you even know what month it is? What's going on?"

With her long golden locks, warm and familiar embrace, she graces us with her presence one day, gets my hopes up then vanishes the next day only to reappear whenever she pleases.

Spring is such a tease.


Not one, but two of my umbrellas which I have brought to school in the morning have disappeared. Luckily when I first came to Japan, one of the teachers gave me an umbrella to keep at school all the time, just in case. It's bright and flowery with clashing blues, yellows and greens. I guess nobody would want to steal that one but thankfully it's saved me from walking home in the rain on several occasions.


At 6:57 pm, Blogger seadrop said...

i guess i've lost approximately 10 umbrellas in my life...


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