Monday, February 14, 2005


Happy Valentine's Day everyone.

Hope your day was filled with commercialism and chocolate. haha I won't rant on about what I think about this Hallmark holiday, as most of you probably already know, but if you do have a loved one I do hope you had a great day doing something special or not so special - as long as it was together.

I was still sick from Kinosaki and felt like crap all day at school. I should have gone home but I thought I'd stick it out. My head was so sore and my fever wasn't going away. So after school I went to the doctors and got some anti biotics. I didn't feel up to it to go out for dinner so we stayed at home and Brendon made me chicken corn soup! My favourite! It was so delicious!

I didn't go to work the next day because I was still so sick. I felt bad being sick while Brendon was here and he had to look after me. Thanks so much sweetie! You're the best! xox


At 10:19 am, Blogger Safari said...

sounds a little too familiar to my V-Day, sick in bed, fever, soup...M and I also had to cancel dinner reservations and I spent the night throwing up. ahhh what a night :)

At 5:30 pm, Blogger Christine said...

Poor thing! Yeah being sick sucks ass big time. Hope you're all recovered and better. xox


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