Friday, February 18, 2005

Eating way too much

After school we went out to eat at the restaurant I went to with my 3rd year teachers.
Very tasty herb chicken and pasta. I can't wait for it to heat up again because I'm sick of this cold weather!

When it's this cold I don't want to leave my all! Once inside the shops or restaurants it's okay, but all the travelling and walking you have to do is freezing! So jealous right now of Perth's hot weather!

On Friday night we headed to Osaka's Den Den Town so Brendon could get a digital camera.

Afterwards we met up with Chieko. She wasn't able to make it to the Izakaya get together because of work. We went to this Italian restaurant called "To The Herbs" in Namba. It was so good! We each had pastas and shared a Caesar salad, pizza and dessert. I felt so sick because I ate way too much.

I guess when Brendon goes, it'll be back to eating for one again. *sigh*


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