Tuesday, January 25, 2005

My guest speaker from Oz

I was able to organise for Brendon to come to school for some days.

He was my guest speaker from Australia. He did a self introduction and the kids got to ask him questions and stuff. He was really good at it too. Especially dodging the expected questions;

Q: Do you like Chris-sensei?' / 'Do you love Chris-sensei?
A: Yes, I like/love everyone here.

Q: Are you Chris' boyfriend?
A: Yes, I am Chris' friend and yes I am a boy.

Q: What do you think about Chris?
A: She is very short. She is a good teacher.

The kids would jeer and shout when they realised they were jipped. But they had fun. We gave out lollies to those who participated or gave it a go. When some students asked Brendon how old he was or what his favourite colour was, the other boys shouted back in Japanese, something along the lines of this;
"What a stupid lame question! Out of all the questions, why did you ask that? Ask something about Chris-sensei!!" hahaha they were hillarious!

We played pictionary in ESS club then headed home.

Time for some home cooked food, so I cooked breaded, sesame soy chicken and garlic, oyster sauce bak choy.


At 9:50 am, Blogger Safari said...

haha that is so funny :)
It must be so great having Bren there with you!

At 7:21 pm, Blogger Christine said...

Yeah it is!!! I'm loving it! We're having such a great time. Missing you guys too!


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