Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Happy Australia Day!

Happy Oz day folks!

Hope your day was fun-filled with BBQ's, friends, beer, fireworks, cricket and soaking up the sun.

After school Brendon and I were invited out to dinner with one of my teachers and her husband. The same ones I went to Nagano with. We went to Akashi to the Takoyaki/Okonomiyak Dojo! School of Takoyaki/Okonomiyaki making, basically you make it yourself.

Takoyaki are flour eggs balls with pieces of octopus inside served with a thick, sweet, brown sauce. The special Akashi takoyaki is served with soup. Apparently different areas have their own versions of takoyaki and okonomiyaki. Okonomiyaki is often known as Japanese pizza. It means "as you like it", meaning you put whatever you like in it. It's kind of like a savoury pancake.

After dinner we went to this little bar. It's actually a liquor store but underneath they have this little stand-up bar where you can drink and snack around a little counter. My teacher is a regular there and we tried local beer, sake, red wine (from WA Capel Valley!!) and snacked on deep friend oysters and raw sea slugs (slimey yet crunchy) and after a Kampai! (Cheers!) toast to Australia day, we headed home.


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