Thursday, January 27, 2005

Getting cultured

Brendon joined me for Tea Ceremony class today.

Just like me on my first day, he tried to sit in the 'seiza' position for as long as he could. Even though Tea-sensei asked if he was okay and said he could just sit normally...the little gaijin that though he could, persisted. And he paid for it too.

So there we were, two gaijins paining it out and paying for it later when we had to stand up. I was making tea and when the blood rushes to your legs all of a sudden, I nearly stacked it I could hardly walk! The other students were giggling as they said to me;
"Please make..delicious tea...for boyfriend." hahaha

After school we headed into Sanners for Kobe beef. I've been to that place 4 times now but still love the tender, tasty beef. I think a visit to that place is on the itinerary everytime I take someone out around Kobe. I mean, coming to Kobe and not trying Kobe beef...that's crazy talk!


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