Friday, December 24, 2004

Twas the night before Christmas

The school term finishes today and Winter Vacation begins!

The school had a closing cermeony in the morning with all the students and teachers in the school hall. They also cranked out four industrial sized heaters for the hall. I mean these things were freakin' hugen! They whirred like an airplane engine!

This evening I met up with Noel and Miako for a Christmas Even get-together at Noel's capoeira school. We didn't have any other plans since our Nagano trip got canned. Boo!!

But it was heaps of fun nonetheless. I had made chocolate (rice cooker) cakes for my teachers and brought one to the capoeira place. It was a bring-a-dish affair and there was lots of tasty food and dessert to try. Simon, the capoeira teacher is from Sydney and it was good to hear the aussie accent again and see that the esky was a garbage bin bag full of ice placed inside a bin. True aussie style if ever I saw it! He initially came over to work at Universal Studios Japan (USJ) as a stunt/performer guy and from the photos hanging on the wall, it looked like heaps of crazy fun!

Some of the students were even practising their capoeira which was really fun to watch but we had just eaten oh-so-much! The b-boys also provided entertainment, such is my interest for b-boys as some of you already know hahaha.

At the end of the night we all got a go at this lucky dip thing where you pick a number and get a lucky fortune and a small gift. I got a red bag and bandana with the advice that if I show my face without make-up to someone who has never seen it before without make-up, more fortune will fall upon me...hmmm sounds pretty random to me but I had a really good Christmas Eve, my first in Japan.


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