Sunday, December 26, 2004

Boxing Day

Sorry kids for not being organised enough to post everyday.

There is always something going on and I never have enough time to update my blog. Then it snowballs and I realise that I have 2 weeks worth of adventures to write up. My bad. So there are probably entries and photos in here that you think you have seen or read but have only been updated recently.

Today I went to Brendan's Christmas potluck dinner at his house. He's a 3rd year JET that I met at Zack's Thanksgiving bring-a-dish dinner. We found out that Brendan's supervisor JTE (Japanese Teacher of English) is married to my supervisor JTE. Crazy!

He is one of the few city JETs I know that actually lives in a house. His place is actually on his school's premises so it's only a 3 minute walk to work. Lucky thing. It was also a Secret Santa thing so we all had to bring a gift. I also met up with Yoshi and we headed there together.

I ended up making another chocolate cake to bring and wrapped up a scarf like a Christmas cracker. I ended up getting a "hairLABO." What we know back home as "Grassy heads". You know the head that's stuffed with grass seeds and you water it and it sprouts grass 'hair' and you can cut and style it.

It was a good night but I piked. I was quite tired from the day before and having school the next day, I wasn't wanting another late night.


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