Friday, November 26, 2004

Night tennis

Say what?!?

Exactly what I thought, but I still smiled, nodded my head and said "Sure! Count me in."

Some teachers invited me to join them for some tennis after school today. So after school one of the teachers drove me home to get changed and then we headed to a nearby tennis club. My teacher drives a hell sexy black supra. It was nice, very nice - especially for a teacher's car.

The club was right next to the ocean so it was freezing. I swear it felt like a typhoon was a'brewing. It was so windy that the ball would drift off. But it was really fun. It felt good to get active again and work up a sweat. We took turns and played doubles and then headed to a nearby family restaurant for dinner. It reminded me of Sizzlers. There was a drink bar where it's all you can drink. I had the steak - so good to have a nice slab of meat (it wasn't that big but it was big enough for me).

I was feeling tired all day and was going to bail but I'm glad I ended up going. I got to laugh and chat to the teachers in a more relaxed environment and after the exams we're going to go out for Izakaya - all you can eat and all you can drink!

love & typhoon tennis balls


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