Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Labour Thanksgiving Day

Yay! Another national holiday!

It's so good to sleep in!
I was able to do some Japanese study and laundry this morning. Then I headed to Claire's place for her BBQ. The weather was so nice so I decided to break in my new boots! Was so impressed with Chris' greek salad and Lisa's vietnamese spring rolls!

I then headed to Porto Bazar (again!) to meet up with Noel. My bad for being late - sorry! He's definately one of the most fussiest guy shoppers I've shopped with before. I mean what is your definition of 'street' anyway? hahaha Had coffee and cake (again!) it really is that good!

I was really good and didn't buy anything. Perhaps because I had splurged only 3 days before. Actually I did buy one thing. I bought a new umbrella at Jusco because I left my other one at the Hub on Friday night! D'oh! It was my first time and I'm sure it's not going to be my last. People leave their umbrellas all the time and sometimes by the end of night, you end up taking someone else's random unbrella. Score!


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