Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Care packages

Today I got a care package from Mum.

It was so cool to get a nice big box delivered to my front door and having to sign for it. I guess it hit me again that I'm now living in Japan and this is my new home.

Mum sent me over some vitamins (because she's worried about me getting sick all the time), 2 trackie pants, my new drivers licence that I renewed when I was last went back (I have this mega goofy smile d'oh! but at least it's better than my other one. Believe it or not but I've actually had a drivers licence with an okay photo on it, that is before I lost it after Paul van Dyk. But he was so worth it!), curry paste stuff to make wicked curries and Jurlique rose hand cream (thanks SY!) Yay!

After school I also met up with this Japanese English teacher who wanted to practise and keep up his English. It was really random. I met him briefly (very briefly) at the speech contest I went to a few weeks back. He was sitting in front of me and turned around and started talking to me. His student was the one which I had commented on having really random intonation, exaggerated hand gestures and was the epitome of a western stereotype of a Japanese person, eeeks I think maybe he had heard me. Anyway we spoke very briefly and the Monday after I received a call in the staff room.

I never get calls at school. I mean who would call me at school?! I was puzzled and asked "Japanese or English" but was just given the phone. It turned out to be that teacher. He remembered which school I went to and phoned up asking for me. Okay kinda weird. Anyway he asked me if I'd mind meeting up with him for conversation exchange so he could practise his English. Apparently my English is clear and very easy to listen to and understand hahaha

One of the teachers asked me who had called me and if they spoke Japanese or English. So I explained to her what had happened and she told me to be careful because it sounded 'suspicious'. When I continued to tell her about the teacher - blind male teacher from such and such high school who studied in America...yadda turns out that she was in the same seminar as him in university! What a small world! She assured me that 'he was of good character' but nonetheless I had my defences up all the time.

We went to Starbucks for coffee and it turned out to be an okay evening. I don't think I've ever met and properly sat down and talked with someone who's blind before. It was really interesting and it made me realise how much I take for so much! I mean having to be aware of just everything. I had to guide him where to go and it was strange having someone hold my arm and totally depend on me. I was very impressed that in Japan they have a textured surfaced path for blind people to walk on (like braille) so they know where to go.

I don't mean for this to be a bad analogy in poor taste, but the evening really was an eye opener. I'm so fortunate to be able to see amazing sights, to know vibrant colours, to watch movement and enjoy what things look like. I mean how do you describe to someone who can't see..the colours of the rainbow after a storm, the green glimmer shattering the ocean as soon as the sun sets and touches the sea, the warm smiles of children playing and laughing, the water painted sky when the sun rises, the glittery stars twinkling and the beaming full moon peering from a dark velvet night, the love you can see when you look deep into the eyes of someone who cares...?

love & hot green tea


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