Sunday, August 29, 2004

Shabu-Shabu? Shabu-shabu!!

This evening I was invited to my neighbours, Eric and Kanako for Shabu-shabu (basically like chinese steam boat). Shabu-shabu is usually eaten in Winter but they felt like it so they asked if I'd like to join them. I love shabu-shabu!! So healthy and tasty! Benny does a great shabu-shabu at The Bridge Cafe/Restaurant on Canning Highway in Applecross - definately try it!!

Anyways it was super tasty and Kanako makes her own seasame sauce and stuff - it was soooo good! We were sweating it out but it was sooooo good! Then the other neighbours dropped by and they have a son the same age as Jamie (Eric & Kanako's son) so they were running around mucking about. I only had 2 drinks and I was embarrassingly red! *sigh - what's with this missing gene?!*


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